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Vantrue E1 Dash Cam Firmware Update

  • Release time: 2023-04-23 18:31:58
  • Version: VT-ECD201
  • File size: 5.25M
  • Update note:

Update Log

E1_VT-ECD201 (New)2023-04-23

  1. 1. Added HDR timer function;
    2. Updated display driver to fix the issue of distortion on high-temperature screens.

E1_VT-ECA063 2023-01-14

  1. 1. Add 3 WiFi modes in current version:
    Always on
    WiFi Auto Off after 5 mins
    WiFi Auto Off after 10 mins
    2. Optimize WiFi connection.

E1_VT-EBK231 2022-12-05

  1. 1. Korean Added.
    2. Optimize the icon display.
    3. Fixed some issue.

E1_VT-EBJ131 2022-10-18

  1. 1. Added "Turn on/off Wi-Fi" in Japanese voice commands.
    2. Card formatting reminder sound was added.
    3. Fix some bugs.

VT-EBH182 2022-08-19

  1. 1. Solved the problem that the recording angles in parking mode and normal recording are inconsistent. 2. In Spanish, change the word Sobre to Encendido.
    3. Optimize the stability of the connection between WIFI and APP.
    4. Optimize the GPS and parking mode issue.
    5. Fix icon issue.

E1_VT-EBH091 2022-08-10

  1. 1. Added Pstore function and fix the problem of abnormal shutdown settings.
    2. Fix the abnormal display of the mute icon.
    3. Change the Wi-Fi interface to a transparent background.

E1_VT-EBH031 2022-08-04

  1. 1. Add prompt ICON for button.
    2. Optimize the Wi-Fi driver.
    3. After Wi-Fi is turned on, remote control will be shield to increase the stability of Wi-Fi.

E1_VT-EBG311 2022-08-01

  1. 1. Added prompt icon of button function;
    2. Optimized the writing speed of SD card;
    3. Optimized the screen saver function.

E1_VT-EBG261 2022-07-27

  1. Fix some bugs in GPS display.