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Vantrue N2 Pro Dual 1080P Dash Cam

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I recently got hit in a car accident and had this dashcam in my car. I was really lucky I was able to show the policeman the video of what happened so it clearly showed that the other drive hit me and I had right of way. This helped the insurance companies determine that the other driver'insurance has liability and needs to reimburse me for my damages. The video and sound quality are amazing on this device.
James Emmerich
So disappointed. Will not work without an SDcard of course, so I check the page I bought the camera from to see what SD card I can use. Class 10 256gb max. Go to format it in the dashcam, will only allow 32gb max, that's nothing for video memory. Payed extra for a good card and now I can't use it? What a joke. Never buying from this company ever again.
Morris Burt
Easy to set up, easy to use, easy to get the data. A good camera for the price. Wish it had 4K for the front and 1080p for the rear though.
I bought 2 additional cameras for my kids to use while driving
I absolutely love this dash cam! Works fantastic! No complaints
The camera is great but it stopped working after a yr and half…. So not cool !
Eric Gee
If you’re looking for an easy dashcam to install and set up, this IS THE ONE! I was worried about having to learn another layer of tech to my knowledge, but the Vantrue system is super easy. Literally, you take it out of the box, charge it, and stick it to your windshield. Super easy. The video quality is amazingly sharp for the tiny cameras and the audio quality is crisp and clear. Downloading the images is simple too. I couldn’t be happier in selecting this dashcam. If you’re on the fence about choosing one, this dashcam gives you what you want in an easy to set up package.
Brent Cameron
Super clear pics and video. This is a great set up for uber and lyft drivers. Easy to use. I highly recommend this dash cam
Travis T Hayes
Ran this camera for about 8 months works okay. I bought 2 new Samsung sd card after 8months and put one in so I could have a rotation ten mins later when I got to work I noticed my camera was not on. To my surprise the Samsung sd card had burnt to a crisp and had an awful electrical smell. So if these are only going to work passed the 90 warranty they are pos.
The day after I got it I hit a deer. Got a good video of me hitting it from the front and my really stupid expression from the rear facing camera as I hit it :). Only thing I wish is I could get license plates with this, and see out the back window, but the later is more my cars fault than the camera.
Leonard F. Dobson
I purchased 2 of these since I liked the power supply and the fact that it is more robust in temp swings. They only work < 20% of the time. The memory does not rewrite on either one requiring you to take them to a computer and erase the card. I tried using their SD cards to no avail. The picture quality and sound are excellent when working. Not reliable, not a rational choice. Look elsewhere.
I purchased the N2Pro in 2020 to use as dash camera for my truck. After 2 years I needed service on the windshield mount. I contacted Vantru and sent me a new mount.
Matthew Lang
I've seen other reviews saying that they can't use the device while it's plugged in. I on the other hand have the opposite experience. The battery life seems to only be anywhere from 5-15 min on a full charge. I initially thought it was the settings, but I wanted to test this device a bit before leaving the review. With the settings as low as I can get them, the longest I was able to record was 20 min. I have a 256GB Samsung memory stick installed, and it has been charged both from the wall, and from my computer. Seems like the one I got requires power all the time if it's going to work for a decent drive.Pros:*Picture quality is really good for what the device is (even at low settings)*Ability to only record the front, OR rear facing camera*Recording both camera's at the same time will save the files individually (The files save in 5 min sections. I imagine this would make it easier to locate when an incident happened)*The suction cup has a charging port, so you can leave the cable, and suction cup installed in the car, and you can still remove the camera to pull the files off of it.*Rear facing camera is really decent, and may capture something that happens behind youCons:*Small screen (but that was to be expected, and shown in the pictures on the listing)*Horrible battery life (could be a one off issue based upon other reviews)*Included cable is not long enough to install discretely in my car.Would I recommend this?Only if you feel like rolling the dice and are ok with potentially needing to have this hard wired in the car, at all times, or if you are ok with not being able to have it plugged in while in use (based upon another review)
Amazon Customer
Excellent quality picture and easy to use.
Pros:1) I found the camera easy to setup because the menus were very simple and logical to navigate. It only requires one plug with a mini usb for power and data transfer. I like this much more than having a power adapter type plug because with those you always need to have the right one, whereas the mini usb is standard.2) The picture quality both forward and back are good and the night vision is good. The back facing camera even does a decent job of catching what's happening behind my car. It's a large sedan, but this might not be true in an SUV or something.3) Transfer of data is easy by plugging the unit into a PC with the usb cable. The file storage system is simple and it's easy to find the videos you want.Cons:1) The GPS functionality only works if you get a special GPS suction mount from Vantrue. The location where the camera mounts to the base is a special USB port that transmits data from a GPS inside the base to the camera. I didn't want a suction mount so I bought a 3rd party mount that clips to the mirror. This means I can't use the GPS. I would much rather the GPS had its own standard USB so that you could hook up any GPS antenna to it and use any mount.2) Not knocking any stars off for this because it's a feature I knew I wasn't paying for, but it would be nice to have wifi on the dash cam so that I could access and copy videos from my home network instead of taking a tablet out to the car, plugging it into the USB, and leaving it to copy for an extended period. If you aren't copying files regularly, it's not a huge deal. You could also just unhook the camera and take it inside to plug into a computer.General Tips1) You might have the same situation I did when considering installing a dashcam. You don't want to deal with getting a cable run to the fuse box, but the cigarette lighter option is not very good because the lighter port is in a drawer that opens and closes in the center console and you'll have a big mess of wires. A good third option is to get an adapter to plug into your cars OBD2 port which is the diagnostic port for the car. It provides power all the time and it's often in a much better out of the way location for plugging in a dashcam. Just make sure you get an adapter that can detect that the car has turned off and turn the power off to the camera. Some have a switch that allows you to swap between modes where it will stay on or turn off when the car is off. You can find out online where your cars OBD2 port is.
Atticus Harmon
The good:The picture quality is absolutely amazing, the field of view is amazing as well. I love the quality of the sound and picture, it captures everything.The horrible: the micro SD card slot broke and stopped holding the micro SD card, I found out the hard way when someone door dinged my car at work very badly and I went to go review the footage, only to find out that it didn't save it because it can't fit into the slot anymore. It's completely useless and I had to buy another suction pad charger because the suction pad stopped working after 3 months too. Useless. I hope I will get a new one sent in because this isn't right for a $200 dash cam.
Caroline M. Roueche
I've purchased this product twice. First when I was an Uber/Lyft driver, and secondly I bought one for my wife last year. I love the picture quality and the adjustability of the cameras. I have hundreds of saved videos on my iMac since we travel a lot and its a great way to look back on interesting places or rare crazy occurrences on the road. Also good to have if you're ever in an accident.
Michael Sapp
Rodney E. Musselman
Can’t utilize the new device without Vantrue 256GB microSDXC UHS-I U3 4K UHD Video High Speed Transfer Monitoring SD Card with Adapter for Dash Cams, Body Cams, Action Camera, Surveillance & Security CamsTook 2 purchases. Waiting on my second order before I can actually use my new Dash Cam…
Mr. & Mrs. V.
You never know when or if something is going to happen while your on the road, but if it does, you want to be able to capture it on video as evidence. This is a great camera that captures everything in front of you and in the interior of your vehicle if you so choose. The interior camera portion of the device can rotate to face towards the front also.
Val Shebeko
Where this camera fails is in general use. The manual actually recommends formatting the SSD card every two weeks. Probably because when the card fills up, instead of overwriting the oldest entries it simply stops recording. Most of the controls are located on the bottom of the device. Just what you need when trying to access the menu in traffic. There is a button to take snapshots of incidents but as far as I can tell no button to save the recording. The rear camera is more for cabin viewing than rear window. The picture quality is top-notch but if you're looking for a device you can simply plug in and forget about it, look elsewhere.
Bill Richards
I got involved in an accident, when I went home to check the dash cam to provide my insurance proof that I wasn’t at fault. I found only very old records, the dash cam stopped recording for long time ago.G-Sensor? Seriously!!!! nothing works in this dash cam, the only good things is the lookingStay away form this brand, don’t wast your money, there is lot of cheap dash cam who does the job.
Jovan Torres
I have this camera in my truck and it works really well has not failed on me and. Has good recordings quality. Me and my brother look back at the footage all the time when we seen something crazy or when I would Did some dumb driving. Much needed in case of an accident you never know.
It's a good camera, easy to set up and the picture quality is very good.That said, there are some serious issues that force me to give it a low rating because they pose serious problems for the use of this dash cam.1. Somebody rear-ended me recently. I went back and found the footage, but the date had changed significantly. The clock said it was midnight on a day about 4 months ago. This will be a huge problem if you ever try to use these videos in court or when dealing with insurance. I got in the habit of checking the date/time every time I get in the car, but you should be able to count on something as simple as a clock working right. I drive daily, too, so it's not like the camera wasn't getting any charge for long periods.2. Some idiot almost killed me today by cutting me off (fortunately no accident occurred). But when I went home to check the recording to show a friend, I found everything except the footage of the incident. I was using an absolute top of the line SD card, too. When I went back and checked out some other videos, some of the gaps between files were 5-10 minutes long.Again, it's a very nice camera with good quality, but these two issues can screw you in the future when you need a dash cam the most. I can't recommend it, sadly.
Amber Yoshikawa
This camera failed on me when I needed it the most. Another driver ran the red light and t boned me. The camera caught me after the accident, already pulled over, but missed the collision all together. Going through my footage, the camera either records no movement at all, or it falling down (since the suction cup sucks too). Fail fail fail Vantrue. Do not buy. Choppy recording, clunky use. Will invest in an owlcam next time.
Mike Trumpfheller
1. starting with the manual, who signed off on that?2. I bought a 256 GB SD card, formatted it, checked if it was FAT32 and the cam gives me: card error, please format it. I don't think that this device is actually for Mac people. I can format my SC card on the mac (utility tralalala) but there is still this possibility that it needs some chmod 777 or something like this since windows have different access rights, I believe. I don't want to invest more time to figure that one out. Solution - if I buy a car, they never give me the car tank empty. Giving the user a working SD card - even if it is only 8 or 16 GB would help with the user experience enormously.3. Again, once you bought the device, you can read the manual which entails information that should have been in the product description - which again would have given me an opportunity to make an informed decision.$160 for a device that needs studying and still might not work is a lot, especially during covid times.When you spent 160 you want to make it work. Simply because you don't want to face the possibility that you just wasted the time to make that money for a product that is not even worth half of it, shows no effort to make the UX pleasant, and is too lazy to format a card, or stingy to add a working 36GB card for $10.99.
Michael Clancy
After reading countless reviews of many dashcams, I settled on Vantrue N2 Pro. I have not been disappointed at all. I found the setup to be easy (look for YouTube videos) and the performance outstanding. After reading the instructions, the cam was set up in my truck with a 256 MB card and I began a 22-hour straight-through drive from Florida to Rhode Island. When I checked the recorded files, I was amazed that the entire trip was recorded. The images were crisp and the sound was clear. Transferring the file was very easy with the supplied USB cord. I am impressed!
Elizabeth Dean
Using for Uber and DoorDash and really like the cabin camera. Very easy to set-up and use. I've only used it for 3 days and it seems to work just as advertised. I have used cheaper brands that either have poor camera quality or just quit working after just a little bit.
Dan Lopez
I hear an audible beep when I push buttons, but the screen will not come on.Bought this to Uber safely, but it stopped recording for some reason after some cold weather. I guess it's possible that a piece inside was damaged from a deep freeze and a defrost... but the recordings stop in the middle of a shift.
Amazon Customer
Suction cup became hard and wouldn’t stick after one summer. Bought mounting tape and it sits upside down now. But the camera is solid and functional
David Wang
Updated the latest firmware from its website. The system works for 10 mins, then continuously reports "SystemError". It did record some videos and the video quality is good, however you never know when it will record good video or stop working. The software is so buggy.Contacted with company support, replied me back and asked more info which I will provide. Will update this review later. If they can fix the issue, I have to return it.
Chris W.
After reading the reviews about bad mount I still gave it a try. Mount is terrific! Doesn’t shake, break, fall or otherwise come loose. Wire was sufficient to go inside windshield trim down door post and under dash with more to spare (Prius). Fits tightly into cig lighter. Does not pop out. Had to purchase micro sd card. Starts when ignition turned on. Can turn off display and still records. So far so good. Many functions. Be sure to set clock to correct am/pm. Played back on laptop using sd adapter for micro sd. I guess time will tell if all else good.
Matthew Berry
I thought it was nice at first until I had to pull some video off of it. The camera had not been recording sound and it also hasn't been recording speed. I already checked the settings and everything is set to be turned on. Customer service didn't help, they just ran through troubleshooting that I already did. Returning this camera and going with a different brand.
I unintentionally came across this dash cam while watching a YouTube channel where my first impression was, "Wow, that video quality from the dash cam is amazing!" I was pleased to see that this dash cam was at a very good price, as many dash cams of this quality are at least $200.The dash cam comes with a regular adhesive/vacuum mount, a USB power cable, a car AC power adapter with attached power cable, stickers, a quick start guide, and a comprehensive user manual. The comprehensive user manual is quite a lot; there are a lot of features on the dash cam that you could. explore. But right out of the box with the default firmware settings, the dash cam works great.The video and audio quality are excellent. For the front-facing camera, in daylight, I can read license plates as a car passes me. At night time, I cannot read license plates as the headlights reflection off the license plate makes them appear white to the camera. However, if you needed to remember a license plate, because the dash cam also records audio, you could simply say it out loud. The audio is quite clean, not noisy, street sounds are muffled well, and the most clear sound, unsurprisingly, comes from the interior of the vehicle. The interior-facing camera has very good video quality as well; it's not needed to read details, but I am surprised at how much detail it picks up in the dark.The dash cam's firmware allows many functions and settings. You can change the resolution of the front and backwards facing cameras. You can take still photos and log "events" that make it so that the video recorded during an event cannot be overwritten by new footage.
Amazon Customer
Camera is great night vision is amazing. This device helped me win a law suit. I was involved in an accident and the other driver had a different story. Pictures & videos don’t lie. FYI remove air freshener or any objects hanging on your rear view mirror.
This is by far a great dual dash cameras. plug and play not plug a pray like one of the other dual dash cameras I brought from Amazon. Mounting it is simple and same with adjustment on it very stabile. built in format for SD card, took the SD card plug into my computer read all the recorded videos. The best part about this camera is the power plug in there a cover you can flip out to plug in your USB to charge your phone or other accessories but the down side is a SLOW charge NOT Fast which is fine with me.
Luis A Ibarra
so far, I have not had any issue with this camera, camera quality its outstanding for a so cheap camera.the only one think i would recommend to Vantrue would be to have a way to sinc it to my phone and i could see the recording directly to my phone without need of being connected to my computer by cable.
Michael R
Having a dash cam gives this driver some peace of mind. It leaves no doubt when something happens the truth is right there recorded. This unit was highly recommended and I am not disappointed, it works great, easy to use, loaded with features and settings but not in a complicated way. Just get it, you'll be glad you did.
If you ever have strangers in your car, like for business, you need this. It captures their faces clearly in the day and night. It can be mounted right below your mirror to get a good view of both front and back passengers, as well as a good view out the back window. The forward facing camera is awesome.The best part, I never have to touch it - it just works. it is plugged into the 9V oulet and comes on when the car is on, goes off when the car is off. I guess the only downside is if you need it on when the car is off, you'll have to figure something out.I took a look at the video, and it's really clear and great.I put a 512GB memory card in and set it to overwrite when it fills up.
Cody Jenson
I'd say 3 1/2 stars.Literally just got it. Plugged it in to the port and I was immediately greeted by a super bright blue light. It's not even night time yet and I'm already distracted by it. Hate to see how bright it is at night.I'll never understand the choice of bright blue lights for vehicle accessories. Red would be a much better choice as it doesn't ruin your night vision. Definitely taping over this thing so I can see at night.Parking mode does not work. Just takes screen captures instead of activating with the long button press like the directions say to.Review may go up or down depending on the quality of the camera.
Darnell C
Simple install...however, if using the hardwire kit I would at least try to understand how the panels are removed and where your fuse boxes are.
I bought this primarily as a dash cam for my 40' class A motorhome. The mount cannot adjust for the near vertical windshield on motorhome. So I thought I'd just use it in my Honda CRV. Again the mount won't even lock in position strong enough to keep the camera in position. Loved the design of the camera and it's features. Seems to work well as described but the mount is an impossible piece of crap making the camera unusable.
Easy to use, slides easily in and out of place when you want to remove it. Happy with the purchase.
selvin diaz
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Alan Hamilton
This is my 2nd Vantrue Dashcam. I have been very pleased with the quality of the product and the speed at which it was shipped to me. All the reviews that I read speaking highly of this dashcam have proven to be quite accurate
Amazon Customer
I recently purchased this product and I have been loving it so far. The mounting system that attaches it to the windshield is great and the camera itself looks to be good quality as well as being built very robustly. I have to complaints so far except that the plug for the cigarette lighter is very large as a standard plug and it takes up a lot of space. This is the only aspect of the device that feels cheap but as I said I think it is a standard thing that every dash cam just uses (wish it were more compact and better designed like the camera itself).
Great Product - I put in the glove box when out of the car for the evening! It too nice to take a chance. Thank goodness no read attachment needed.
Luis Conchas
Easy to install. Easy to use. As an Uber driver in LA this product has saved me from rude passengers many times.
Isaac Gerona
You can’t connect it to iPhone or android app
Kevin Jones
I have owned over 5 of these cameras for various cars and gifts. I would give them a A+, but they get a C overall due to the battery/capacitor. Most cars have to stay in the sun unless you have covered parking. The sun heat will destroy the battery in a year. The unit can get so hot you cannot hold it with bare hands. There is no access door to change out the battery. If you have a soldering tool, you can order a replacement, but be very careful in replacing it. The vendor puts a simple disclaimer in the docs to cover them legally. The vendor should also paint the top of the unit white to reflect the direct light.
Brian Albright
Works as advertised. Only used for a few months. only negative, is that I tried to view a video on the camera itself and eventually locked up on the video I was watching. Couldn't power off, so I let the battery die and charge back up. back in business!
the fred
Camera short curcuited and started melting the SD card while I was driving. Luckily it happened while I was driving on the streets and I was able to pull over. Not really sure what would happen if I wasn't in the car to unplug the camera.
Not as good as they make it out. Much better options available.
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Md Shahria Jahan
Camera works great. But night vision sucks. You can barely see any number plate.
This unit is just so easy to use. I bought one a few years ago and had to connect it to the Internet on my phone and then fiddle with some controls and usually would find out that it didn't record. This one is automatic as soon as you turn the key on. I put the memory card in my computer and boom there it was. The only drawback is, I don't like looking at my face but then I have the option of just using the forward camera, ha ha. The rear camera will be great when I have the grandkids in my truck or if I need to record some thing that is going on behind me. I definitely recommend this unit.
Aries Mangibin
Rodrigo Olate
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Dan C.
Camera is very easy to setup and use. Very nice price point. Wish it had direct to phone option. Other than that great camera.
Ordered on the main website. Easy to use instructions, packaged well, and mainly camera is not bulky.
Daniel Shifflett
I Bought two of these with a 256GB Memory Card and GPS mount. The camera on several occasions has reset on 12/24/2021 I was in an accident. The camera was active and it appeared to be working however when I went to turn over the footage to the police the video was right after the accident nothing was from the months or even 2 miles prior. I'm looking to replace both units as I write this.
Camera works well, but has a tendency to fall off windshield (every couple months
kamel nadil
I’m using this camera for my car and the only downside about this camera is it doesn’t have a built-in Wi-Fi so if you want to see any of the videos or the pictures so you have to refer to the computer and do all that in the computer
I purchased 2 of these with my business account and I loved it until I realized the mount would not stay in place. Bad mount means the he camera doesn’t stay mounted which makes this product useless. Very unhappy. I saw some reviewers state the seller sent replacement mounts but I have not been contacted.
desmond crawford
This has saved my life and love looking back at these videos
I purchased two of these dash cams on Black Friday. I installed both of them in our Toyota Camry and Toyota Prius Prime. I haven’t hard wired them yet. I just plugged it in to cigarette lighter for now Four days later my husband was rear ended. The quality on our dash cams is great! Make sure to use a Class C high endurance memory card! So happy we purchased these!
I like how easy it is to hook it up, snap it on and snap it off
Josh S.
Due to an accident over 5 years ago I was struck in the rear and blamed for it I have kept a camera on since, while driving. I tried so many inexpensive cameras I thought I was an oficiando. When my car was vandalized by new faces in the area, I figure it was time to upgrade to prices I normally skipped. I did my research and asked my insurance company who recommended another brand. When I did comparisons Vantrue ranked much higher with only 1 competitor above. I read the reviews on Vantrue and the other dashcam. Vantrue may have ranked 2 or 3 in industry reviews, however, customers gave it more stars and good reasons they backed it, plus Uber recommends it for their drivers safety. I am a techhy and a videographer/ photographer so the specs grabbed me. Being a tecchy I thought it would be second nature to set up after watching the video. Do all of your homework so you know what is best for your needs.The main thing I recommend is to read the manual carefully, learn the steps for using the features like setting resolution, why, and in what order, setting the date/time. After my trial run, I read the manual for every feature, then started over. Perfection!! Now I am over the moon with the 3 Channels front, rear with IR and incabin all in one camera unit. I cannot tell you how much freedom I have. I have an old rear camera that was wired, the front cam died, and a 2nd rear cam I used through the rear window these were/are not interchangeable with the different dashcams I moved to, plus hardwiring a Lexus is expensive. The 3 capabilities in one unit is the HIGHLIGHT for me. In addition, so is the feature to run the parking monitor on a power bank. I have a USB or solar powered pocket size power bank suited for camping. I can use this overnight without damaging my car battery. I left my old camera on parking monitor and my lifetime battery died in 6 months. Thankfully it was lifetime. I tried a couple of cards, quality matters so do your homework. I used this article to make a good decision. you for reading my review. Dr. A.
Actually, I'm writing here because I can't find who to write to. I've been using it for about two months. I didn't have a problem, but it has been closing and opening on its own for 2-3 weeks. I don't know if I should return it or if it will be fixed.
Rajibur Chowdhury
I purchased Vantrue N2 for my car dash cam but Vantrue N2 the worst dash cam ever. I had accidents and dash cam wasn’t the accident but after accidents das cam was recording. I emailed Vantrue customer services but costumer service is also the worst. They couldn’t fix the problem. They said dash cam was defective. I could not provide any evidence to insurance company because of that. Don’t buy this dash cam
brian szydlowski
P.O.S. Don’t buy this, you will regret it, Packaged ready to go back To AMAZON, Thanks BRIAN
eric Peña Romero
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Johnny Bravo
A good dash cam for the price doesn't mean a great cam. It's good and for the price it does the job. Picture is good but not great. I wish in was better quality picture. Night vision is Black & White and not great at all.
Anh Tran
Kasem Farhat
The thing I hate about this dashcam is its not equipped with an App that you can see them on your phone. Also, it gives error file when you want to review the last files.
Tobi Ko
I bought this dash cam just over a year ago and finally had an accident today.I try to retrieve the footage and it says FILE ERROR for the clip that I need. This is the N2 PRO so it can handle my Samsung 256GB micro sd.When I tried to observe other footage that was supposedly supposed to be saved they weren't actual video but time lapse only. Making all footage absolutely useless.Be very wary of Vantrue products, the directions are non-existant and the ease of use is a joke.Vantrue products are out of date and the software is minimal. I'll post a video soon about how phoney of a dashcam this really is.
Well, I’ve had the N2 Pro for just over a couple of years now(purchased July 2019). Just about a week ago, it just stopped working completely. It’s never been dropped, mishandled and I even reformatted the disk every so often. The power supply is fine. Still, it just stopped working. What I learned was the battery swells up and gives up after a couple of years. Vantrue should/could have made that an easy fix by making the batteries interchangeable when they die. Now, I have to purchase another dashcam but this time I’ll be looking at the battery specs and ease of change ability. Hopefully, there’s one out there.
Joshua S.
We were involved in an accident recently and the camera did everything it was suppose to. It detected the accident and locked the video segment in a secure folder. With the extra hardwire kit it turns on automatically when the car starts. It's been running daily since 2018 in our car. It saved us from the lies the other driver was telling the police because it has such great clarity that you could see we had the green light.
Christopher Colbert
Vantrue met the requirement of there name on this one. Great job!
David Hill
Can't use it yet without a memory card. Right now it is sitting on my desk. Why sell a unit with no memory card.
Lloyd Struble Jr.
Great camera with lots of features at a decent price. Accidents and erratic drivers are everywhere and this camera has all the features to catch any unfortunate moments. Highly pleased with this purchase
It's a very disappointing unit
Easy install and good quality
Steven Burton
Tried to install but wires are too short to run behind any trim. Had to go straight from plug up in middle of car hanging from camera. Very tacky and loose. Then camera sits in middle of windshield. Now with camera mounted the rear view Camera is blocked by the rear view mirror of my truck and I can't see the screen. So I moved the camera and now it's blocking my view of the road. Notounting in middle of passengers view either. Not thoroughly thought through by the manufacturer. No matter where it's ousted in my silverado 1500 I either block my view of the road or the I don't use all the features of the camera. Returning this garbage product.
Lynn P.
Good camera to have while driving is this chaotic traffic of LA
Battery won’t charge, must be plugged in at all times
Received this yesterday. For this technologically inept person, instructions for setup to my recording preferences was a snap. Images look great on the cameras screen. Haven't tried to download any video yet, but the directions for doing so are just as clear and concise as the rest of them, so I expect no issues.
Sheila Knows
My daughter has had the N2 Pro dash cam for 18 months. It has worked flawlessly until about a month ago. She started getting “format error” messages about the Samsung mini SD card she bought for it. After a quick email to Van True, they immediately responded with a step by step process to determine the source of the problem. As it turns out, the Samsung is a bit sensitive to the constant write and over write requirement for a dash cam. I replaced the card with the 256 GB Van True card, updated the bios on the dash cam, and back in business.
Very pleased, I would definitely recommend.
Jonathan Che
TLDR; first time dashcam purchaser. Bought vantrue for myself and my brother. Doesn't work as I expect it to. Recommend to purchase Viofo A129 for people looking for a good dashcam to purchase. Learn from my mistakes as a first time purchaser.More than a year ago, I was looking for a dashcam for my toyota prius. As a first time dashcam user, I came across this vantrue one and decided to purchase it after reading the reviews. I also had purchased one for my brother. So with the 2 dashcams and the 2 memory cards that they recommend to purchase I spent about $500.The first issue I had with this was with the mount. After a couple of months, the mount came off. This was really annoying and pretty dangerous as it happened while I was driving. So this dashcam would be dangling in front of me obstructing my view. I would have to unplug the dashcam so it would stop dangling, but this is also dangerous to do while driving. I contacted customer service and they were able to ship a new mount to me from China free of charge. Since then, that new mount has been working great. The customer service is pretty great too.Why I gave this product a 2 star review though is because it doesn't seem to work correctly. Recently, I got into a minor incident and wanted to pull the footage. However, the footage wasn't there as it either wasn't overwriting correctly or just didn't record. I have footage from later that night, but not the footage that I needed during the incident. Additionally, there was footage on the dashcam from when I had first used it a year ago, so it wasn't overwriting the files correctly. It didn't make sense as to why I had footage from a year ago but not the footage that I needed during the incident. The timestamps on the files were all wrong as well. I bought this in 2020 and the timestamps on the files and also on the video itself were marked as 2018. I asked my brother if he was seeing the same issue on his end with the time stamps and he mentioned he was. So I contacted customer service and they basically said it was a battery issue for the timestamp. Since I was past the warranty timeframe, there was nothing they can do except offer a special discount on my next purchase. That's not something I move forward with though since I don't trust the product to work, so its unfortunate but I'm out $500. So I was never able to recover the footage that I needed because it never was recorded, footage isn't being recorded correctly/overwritten correctly, and the timestamps are all wrong.Some extra notes:- The quality of the footage is fine.- It's difficult to see the back view since the camera is placed in the front.- It wasn't as seamless for me to locate and move the desired files from the memory card to my computer. I got the Viofo A129 recently and that allows you to download the file you want from the app which is much easier.- The Viofo A129 has been a much better experience for me, so I wish I got it first to avoid burning $500.
Eleanor Lynch
bought it over a year ago and enjoyed the product overall. The battery had died on the device but the customer service was able replace it and get it back in my hands just two days later.
Hello Gong
Easy install, no failing, and image quality is very good
This product is the best on its kind. At a reasonable price you get great quality videos and amazingly easy insulation and set up. It’s totally worth the money.