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Vantrue N4 3 Channel Dash Cam

1440P+1080P+1080P Super Capacitor Dash Cam with Infrared Night Vision, Support up to 256G Max.

( 28 Reviews )
Price: $259.99
N2S is out of stock currently. All the orders for N2S will be processed after May 20.

24 Hours Parking Mode, Motion Detection, Time Lapse.

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Vantrue N4 Dash Cam Firmware Update

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Vantrue N4 Dash Cam Firmware Update Instruction

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N4 Hardwire Kit User Manual

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Vantrue N4 ファームウェア (通常のアップデート、日本専用)

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Vantrue N4 Dash Cam User Manual in English/Japanese/German/French

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Vantrue N4 Dash Cam Firmware Force Update Instruction

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N4 Rear Cam Cable Correct Connection

  1. Rear cable must plug into the rear USB port on the front unit.
  2. 3.5mm jack connection on the rear cable must connect properly.

 Note: Please contact us at if your rear cam still does not work after confirming cable connection with resolution settings are all correct. 

 Please meanwhile send us clear pictures which show all the cable connections and order number(ID) for your dash cam. Then we will provide you a solution soon. 

Thanks for cooperation.


( 28 Reviews )


Motion detection too sensitive in Parking ModeReviewed in the United States
I had Ventrue N2 on my previous Mercedes S class and it saved me a lot of time in a hit & run which did total loss my car last month, on Luna New Year Eve. It was very easy to work with insurance company since I have evidence clip which clearly showed the other truck's license plate. I forgot to take out the N2 before they tow my car and its gone.

I was about to buy another N2 since it is so good but Amazon suggested me that there is a newer version - Ventrue N4 is available. I clicked on it to see what is new and I was hooked because of the new feature: 3 channels: front, inside and rear. Sepecially, all 3 cameras has very high resolutions: 1440P Front & 1080P Inside & 1080P rear and they also come with Infrared Night Vision, with high-performance Sony STARVIS CMOS sensor. You can't go wrong with Sony sensor. They are very famous with their cameras and components quality.

This dashcam is also equiped with Super Capacitor which is high heat resistant, goes from 14°F to 158°F which is perfectly cover most of weather conditions in all states in America. Installation is a bit easy if not super easy. It takes about 30 mins max to install all the cameras. Ofcouse it depends on verhical type.

The rear camera comes with a very long cord. My new car is 197" long, which is very long for a sedan and the cable still have extra length when finished. I installed a SamSung 256GB card and it is working great without any problem till now (almost a month). I would say 128GB card is good enough but since I do road trip a lot so I want to keep the clips a little longer before it is overwitten by the new ones.

I'm using 24 Hours Parking Mode since it is very useful. This mode come in very handy in watching your car all around from hit & run. But becareful with the battery though. It maybe drains your car's battery and you will not able to start your car. I am using two external rechargeable batteries for this feature. I connected this dashcam to the first battery, and charge the battery while the car is running. The second one is for when I come back to my car after I parked for 8 hours or more. I dont hardwired the dashcam since it drains car's battery and you will never know if you park your car for few days or a week without plug in the maintenance device.
If you can afford this price range, I would highly recommend you get this dashcam.
 Invest In Your PropertyReviewed in the United States
I've had the X1 Dash Cam from Vantrue for about the past two years and finally decided to upgrade and go for a higher quality dash cam. This dash cam records both 1440p and 1080p for the front and rear cameras. The front dash cam will record both the front of the vehicle and also the cabin if you so choose and is held onto the windshield by a suction cup while the rear cam is attached via a sticky pad that attaches to the rear windshield. Currently I have the dash cam just recording the front and rear as I don't have a need for the cabin at the moment, but maybe that will change. Overall the quality is pretty dang good during the day and acceptable at night (still have some tinkering around to do with the settings). I would advise to have someone help setup the rear cam so you can see exactly the angle it's recording before you stick on the dash cam to your windshield. The only thing I would say to be aware of is as you can see in the front picture the front cam is average size so it's not going to blend in your car as you're driving along, but if you don't care about that it's a great product. Vantrue customer service is always extremely helpful and quick to respond to all my questions even about my old X1 dash cam that I no longer use. Overall I would recommend this product to everyone because you never know when some idiot is going to come out of nowhere and hit you and either drive away or claim it was your fault. Invest in your property and yourself with this dash cam.
Jerome Clemente
First 3 channel dash cam in the market!Reviewed in the United States
What can I say- The #VantrueN4 is the first 3 channel dash cam in the market! I think Vantrue listened to my suggestions on my Vantrue S1 review! Here's a brief history of my dash cam purchases: I started off with the Owl dash cam - very disappointed with the outside cam quality specially the inside cam footage (no IR) with a $350 price tag. Great on demand video feature and excellent customer service. My second is the Vantrue N1 pro - I considered this to be the best bang HD cam currently in the market (currently my travel/rental car dash cam of choice). The Vantrue S1 is my third dash cam purchase - Awesome HD front and rear footage, great night cam footage as well.

The #N4 is the latest and greatest dash cam Vantrue makes! The hardware has the updated Sony Starvis sensor, awesome LCD display, 2K front, HD inside and rear cam, and was so easy to install! The cam records 3 separate files per video instance so I recommend a 256 GB Samsung EVO Select MicroSd card

Pros: 1. 2K front cam - awesome video quality daytime and night time recordings. 2. 1080P inside cam - HD quality day footage and IR recording at night (night vision baby) 3. 1080P rear cam - HD quality day footage, a rear cam is a must nowadays. 4. Beautiful LCD display - highly informative and blows away the S1 LCD. 5. Design of the power cable placement was spot on, the main power plug is right on the base, opposite of the rear power line. 6. The rear cam power line was thinner, easier to hide and the plug execution was perfect (unlike the S1 rear cam/weird 90 deg) 7. Super Capacitor battery - a must for extreme hot and cold environments 8. First 3 channel dash cam in the market 9. Excellent #Vantrue customer service! One can communicate with them through FB.

Cons: 1. No built in GPS- a must have feature 2. No built in WiFi or Cloud features - this feature is a must feature these days to show the video footages through your smart phone. Must connect the cam to a pc or use a card reader to extract the files. 3. Night footage still needs improvement (common weakness with all dash cam manufacturers)

My conclusion: The Vantrue N4 is a must buy with its outstanding 3 channel video quality output. With a few minor adjustments or feature add on, the N4 is could possibly be the best bang for the buck 3 channel dash cam in the market today!
Vantrue N4 is a permanent Dash Cam for MeReviewed in the United States
 I’ve been an owner of dash cam for years and value not risking any possible blame or fraud in an accident. With my past experience in dash cams, I would have struggles with setting up, installing and then realizing how the video would not be clear. My big struggle was how I felt I was missing coverage aside from blurry videos that barely shown the license plates. When I found Vantrue’s N4, I instantly felt like this was what I was missing. Front camera 1440p, interior and rear were 1080p! The night mode was amazing, I was surprised at how well I could see the details of my car’s interior.

As for setup, Vantrue’s N4 is by far the easiest to set up. A huge reason why I took out my old dash cams was because of the confusing menu format and button format. I kept getting confused on what button did what and would always accidentally lock a video clip when I just wanted to stop recording to get into the menu. The Vantrue N4’s menu is clean and easy to understand. The button format is very simple and I was able to go through it without even checking the manual and playing around with it.

Installation: Installing the dashcam was a breeze, the suction cup for the front camera was a seller for me as well because I was tired of taking the time to take out the front camera because of the adhesive. With the suction cup mount I can easily take out the dash cam if I want or even upgrade to the GPS tracker in the near future!

Now with the N4 in my car, I am glad to know that the videos are crisp and I have coverage for my car from front, interior and rear! If I need to I can relocate the dash cam easily or upgrade it with the GPS module!
Vantrue N4 Is A Great Investment For Safety & Peace Of MindReviewed in the United States
I purchased the Vantrue N2 Pro because it was advertised as a dash cam for Uber & Lyft drivers. Having had a few rowdy passengers as an Uber driver myself, I decided the N2 was the camera for me because it captures both exterior and exterior. The N2 Pro was a great quality camera. The only problem with the N2 Pro was its internal battery. If the camera lost power even for a moment, the date and time would default back to 2018. I purchased the hardwire kit to connect the camera to a hot connection in the fuse box. The camera would still function, but that battery life made it less than perfect. So I decided an upgrade was in order.

This brings me to the Vantrue N4 3 Channel camera. I was looking for a new camera that would provide a more stable power supply. I was delighted to learn that Vantrue had created the N4. The N4 doesn't have an internal lithium battery like the N2 Pro. It is super capacitor powered. I purchased the hard wire kit to wire it directly to the fuse box as I had before. However, I haven't had time to do that yet. So the camera shuts off when I turn off the engine. And yet it retains all the settings even after sitting with no power for hours. This is already better than my first camera. All the other features I liked about the N2 Pro are included in the N4. Both cameras are simple to set up. They've improved upon the video quality in the N4. The button controls on the N2 Pro were a little awkward to reach on the bottom of the camera. The N4's buttons are located across the top which makes them easier to see and touch the right ones. The LCD screen on the N4 is a bit larger. I am very pleased with the new Vantrue N4. I highly recommend this camera.