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Vantrue N4 3 Channel Dash Cam

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Shaun M Mcbride
My first device of this type and I can say that I am fully satisfied, the quality of recordings even in bad weather is very good, it is a device that has many advantages both in traffic and in parking mode. It's worth it!
Records very well. Parking mode can not be perfected either it turns on too soon or too late. On the road it is ok.
Bill Verzal
Very satisfied with the hardware, operation and picture quality.
S Shed
Sure it's great but it's impossible to use this dashcam because every 5 minutes it falls off the windscreen. I see that there are many complaints on the internet about this and that the only way to solve the problem is to buy an accessory (sticker) for another 23 euros. Simply ridiculous. They save a 50-cent sticker and get all the bad words every time the video camera comes of
Luis Garmendia
Rating : As I expected after many recommendations, a stable and compact dashcam with 3 cameras that records in very good quality and resolution, not very difficult to install, an extra memory card would be good. Parking mode, recording at night gives drivers a lot of security in case of unpleasant events. I recommend!!
Chris Taylor
Nicholas Harvey
Day and night over it makes top videos with all three cameras
Sharon Trobaugh
Very good image quality, but against it no battery no WLAN for the third camera very difficult mounting conditions.
I ordered this camera because I travel a lot for work and sometimes unexpected things happen on the road. Arrived very quickly and was securely packaged. And of course I tried it out immediately. What I can say about the dashcam that it is very qualitative and high quality at first glance, the display shows a very clear picture even in 4k quality. The various functions as well as the rear camera and the interior camera offer 360-degree visibility permanently. I am very pleasantly surprised by this dashcam! It will be my faithful companion in everyday life
John Z. Liang
Vantrue N4 is a very good DashCam with 3 cameras. The combination of motion sensor and collision sensor is also successful and unique.
Lucky books
Was recommended to us. Installation easy ... very good quality....
A device that surprised me in a pleasant way, has 3 recording cameras that automatically activate when it detects movement, even when it is in parking mode, so I can park my car without worry in places that are not monitored. Built-in night mode, even other features that make this dashcam a high quality product!
Andrew H
Good recording even at night To my positive surprise, the image quality of all cameras is really good. The sound is clear and the installation is quite self-explanatory. The operation is clear and intuitive. Saving videos is also possible without any problems. Can currently report only positive about it and am satisfied with the purchase made this Kamara, which gives me an emotional well-being and at the same time more security while driving
Onur Ozyilmaz
Very good quality for the price. Image quality is also very good
edgar martirosyan
I already had the predecessor model V2 and was quite satisfied with it. The picture quality is great - there is nothing to complain about even at night. One star deduction, because I pers. am the opinion that the "parking or motion sensor" is very sensitive. Gusts of wind trigger the cam which leads to the fact that the card is very quickly full and must be formatted again. The 3 cam function is great and it comes out over all 3 cams class, high quality recordings!
Vantrue Customer
I can only say very good. The recordings while driving with the Vantrue Cam are very good even in low light. There is also nothing to complain about the audio quality. The motion detection also works well. The operation is very simple and intuitive. Overall, the dashcam makes a solid impression so that I will have long pleasure in it.
Natalie Russell
In the event of an accident you can prove everything. Image quality very good 128 card is enough Has 3 cameras front, rear, driver. Cable long enough and good to lay Dokker 2020.
After researching for a long time, this was the only camera that came into question for me. There is nothing to complain about the image quality. The camera records to the front, the interior and out the back. For the latter, there is an extra rear camera that you stick on the inside of the rear window and which is connected with a long cable to the camera in front. The only thing is, if you park the car in a busy area (e.g. on a street) and have activated the parking mode (camera records when the car is parked), then your car battery will last for a maximum of 1 to 2 days of recording.
After the first buy September 24, 2020 for KIA E-Soul I will have them installed in new KIA EV6 also immediately for delivery, because I am very satisfied with the image quality, processing and so on to date. At the time, there was unfortunately no info how much the cam in parking mode consumes and the battery monitor unfortunately with 11.6V for the E-vehicle too deep discharges. Now there is a new one that is adjustable also reference the discharge depth (11.6 V/11.9 V/12.2 V/12.5 V) and parking monitoring time. I will then buy for the new car. Unfortunately, you have to buy the GPS mode in addition but at least even there not only the suction cup but a sticker mount take. The other dissolved every now and then and was very difficult to get it to hold again permanently. But if then it holds well (until it falls off in very hot days in the sun ;-) ).
Vantrue Customer
The recordings are top, audio as well. Clear menu and easy operation. The cables were long enough to be able to lay everything without problems in a station wagon. 1 point deduction because the GPS module must be purchased separately, which should be included at the price directly.
Theodore F.
After several unpleasant incidents on the road, I decided to buy this dashcam without knowing many details about the installation and functionality. I can say that although I am not an expert in installing electronic devices, with a little help from YouTube I had no problems installing the camera and the quality of the 3 cameras, the back and the interior is absolutely perfect, the motion sensors so very active at the slightest movements. I am satisfied with this dascham
After regretting not having a dashcam in the car several times, we just gave it a try. With this device in the mid-price segment, it seemed to us, we can not do too much wrong. I can now confirm that after a short time. Hence the review. Sharp images by day and by night, does what it should, gives us this security in case and are already positively impressed. I think at this price, the device is absolutely fine. Now I just have to wait and see if a situation arises where I am then glad to have a dashcam in the car, but better if not :)
Very good camera . Installation is easy. I purchased the whole kit with a cable to connect the parking mode . Instead of suction cup to the glass , I chose the version to stick on the glass . I recommend .
I am Ansich Happy with the dashcam. However, it consumes so much power that when it was on at night my car battery is dead. The 2nd time the battery was then unfortunately broken. With a power bank I'm too afraid that my car could burn down.
Nice camera a bit expensive but one of the best on the market. I would buy it again!
D. Ereno
Good workmanship, with dual function and very good resolution.
Darian Wong
Hammer device, I can recommend.
Vantrue Customer
The camera is top notch, only getting the memory card out of the camera is a fumble.
I had the dashcam installed in my car for a year. It ran inconspicuously until then. Then I suddenly noticed that the camera went off after a few minutes. Reset, update and several settings brought no improvement. The dashcam I could then send back and got the purchase price back. Then I ordered the same dashcam again. This had the same problem and I partially no longer approached. So I also sent this back again. Since the trust to this model was no longer available, I switched to the N2S. The works perfectly and I hope that remains so now.
Steven H Shalaan
As my anxiety of getting hit and run was growing I got my first Dashcam from Vantrue. From my experience its a good Dashcam camera whit high quality video resolution. It comes whit all surrounding capabilities you need to protect your car. Night vision quality is as you would expect from all Dashcam not very good. My car is small enough to hide the long cable going from the front Dashcam to the back. It record's very nicely altho the event tab only saves at weird moments and doesn't properly save all so you need to keep looking if you save the clips at the end or start of 3-5 min video. Still would recommend.
Can be installed perfectly. Operation is very good. Picture quality is excellent. Everything super After about 3 weeks in use, the whole thing has already paid off very much, because we were unfortunately involved in 2 accidents innocent and the recording have contributed to clarification
Goods very good delivery fast and good, everything Best always again gladly!!!
No chance to test the quality of the rear cam as the cable are ~30cm too short for my Seat Alhambra. Unfortunetly not compatible with my car.
Simply too expensive and really brings nothing, Wi-Fi does not work, the crappy app does not work, what should I spend so much money with so little function.
Jamel Washington
I can barely ever read license plates day or night. My Rove 4k catches better quality. If I pause and drag through still frames, I might be able to read license plates but more often than not, I can't. I thought this would be a great camera as I run into special drivers often. I'll have to double check if I can return it but for now, I'll keep playing with it but I don't feel like trying to adjust different parameters after every drive.
Chris C
I had a problem with the power cord. It developed a short due to my negligence in the course of the install. VANTRUE sent me a new power cord free of charge - no questions asked. Support was responsive within 24 hours. I highly recommend this product and this company.
Ken M
Great camera, crisp images easy to set up. Love the ability to record front, back and inside the car cabin
Rick Martin
I have been on the fence about getting one of these cameras for my car. I just bought this tinkering around with a new gadget, I finally got it installed and I absoluetely love it. I feel so safe (and a little bit vulnerable with the inside camera hehe) and secure. Plus I can record all around me if I ever need to with the oush of a button. It is clearly German build quality and so very intuitive. Very, very nice. Great device VanTrue and I am buying one for my wife's car as we speak.I have a Youtube studio with not much content as I am simply waiting to poroduce someone. Maybe this will be my first vid. I am feeling it.
Aaron Consaul
Buy it! Definite value, Took me 15 min to install in my Cadillac Escalade esv. The rear camera cord was more than long enough. Very happy with this product
Jon M.
Compact, easy to install. Works great!
It does not have parking mode someone backed up to My car and the camera did not record him , The worst camera ever
Overall I have been satisfied, but problems started to occur leading up to the year in service. The rear camera failed and it was replaced under warranty, so vantrue stands by their warranty. As of this writing this the dash cam doesn't maintain power so I'm going to purchase a new suction adapter to see if this resolves the is... Will update!
This camera will work perfectly fine for a few then boom randomly hits you with some need to update it! The screen will turn black and will not turn on and they give you some run around to download crap on your computer! STAY AWAY FROM
I bought this because I wanted to partially use it as a backup camera (as well as a regular dashcam). The screen is very tiny, so I got one that has external video and bought a 7 inch mini monitor.Except... The HDMI is intentionally designed to disable live mode and can only play prerecorded videos.It works ok otherwise, but why advertise HDMI output when it's useless?
Elizabeth Vasquez
So far I have had no issues with the camera. Any SD card works on the camera too. Great options and great quality. Get a dash cam because you never know when you’ll need it, and this brand gets the job done.
Best cam you can get but some issues. Need a special SD Card first off. then does NOT come with GPS Mount or Hardwire kit. Other than the extra $75 for the card and Mount it is a GREAT CAMERA!!
Ernest Holton,Jr
It Works Cause A Friend Of Mine Used It And Busted Not One Not Two Not Three But Four Trouble Making Officers And Sent Them To The Unemployment Line They Are No Longer Officers And They Got Their Certificates Thrown Out The Window
Edgar R Gutierrez
The charger broke(can not charge battery) within 2 weeks, thank god I can return it. Bad product.
osiris rodriguez
Received the Vantrue N4 camera last week. I am installing tonight and wil update the review after a week or 2. I bought this as a safety factor because I pull a RV and people do crazy things when they assume 16K lbs can stop on a dime. I had a small issue of not getting a picture from the rear camera (totally Operator error), the cable has a connection twist ( lock) that I failed to notice. Otherwise pretty straightforward, easy to program and I will review the install after a few weeks then I may upgrade to five stars.
Jose baez
Helmer Hernandez
Picture quality is awful and laggy, night recording is unrecognizable and Ive tried different sd cards and nothing solved the problem… but the most frustrating part is that the one time I needed at least low quality recording during an accident it just magically skipped over the whole thing! I checked all the folders and the footage is just not there smh
I purchased this 3-camera dashcam from Vantrue (from their website), along with a hardwire kit. The packaging is pretty nice and the product quality is good. The camera is easy to set up with easy access buttons. I'm using my 256GB Samsung EVO pro micro SD card in it and found no issues using it. The hardwire kit was not functioning properly and the customer service representative was prompt to ship me a replacement unit. So, overall good experience so far, and highly recommend this dashcam who are looking for a 3-camera setup in their car.
I tried to wire the rear camera with a Dongel and a C splitter but it didn't work. The terrible suction cup mount has copper connectors that power it. Too bad, I did a good job, lol. The camera is fantastic but the mount is awful. Not a full day has it stayed in this Louisiana heat. I am going to find a way to modify the suction cup holder to a permanent mount, but I am not even sure it is possible. In this day and age, I can't understand why they can't make a rear view mount that would allow the third camera. It would have been worth even more money if they made the rear camera work with a rear view mirror mount.
Does not have a wifi and App, in the critical events it will not help .. you have to transfer the files to the PC then to the mobile device which is not practical
Gary Rankin
I bought a T3 in February of 2021, 18 month warranty. After a little over a year I had to turn it on whenever I wanted it to record. Then it died completely, nothing worked.I've found 3 methods of contact on the Vantrue site, have tried all of them several times and can only guess as soon as they see quit working, warranty, the message is deleted.It was a good camera while it lasted, but when it doesn't outlast the warranty and the company ignores it's not a good company. Buy from them at your own risk, and hope like heck you don't need them for anything but to take your money. My experience is they won't be there.
jerry rhoades
Robert Chambers
Video quality is good but it records on events never completes normal recording. So it’s really useless.
randy foster
I recommend this product. It was an easy install and has performed great. I will be purchasing another one soon.
there are so many youtube videos that cover every aspect of this to include install than made choosing this a no brainer. The only issue was getting the memory card inserted and all that took was a flat tip screw driver to push in far enough.
Daniel Godinez
Front dashcam works well, other than the front camera being locked into lower resolutions when using inside and rear cameras.My rear camera is DOA and will not connect, so half the system is not working. Poor quality control.
Amazon Customer
This is my 3rd Dash Cam that I have owned and it is by far the best one! I love that it has 3 cameras. The camera quality is great! License plates are crystal clear.The only drawback to the camera is that it is not wifi capable which means you have to take the micro SD card out and review in a computer or use the provided usb cable from the camera to the computer. You can still pull it up on the camera itself if needed at the scene of a crash or other incident where you need to show the police. It is also easy to trim the clips down to make them easier to send as well.My last one was wifi enabled (Nexar) but I had way too many issues with the camera not connecting to my phone, not actually recording my drives and logging “hard brakes” during continuous drives without where I didn’t even need to brake. Given the issues I had with the wifi enabled cameras I wanted something that I knew wouldn’t have those issues. In that respect, this camera supersedes any wifi enabled camera that I’ve owned.The quality of the camera itself is great, it isn’t flimsy. I had seen some other complain that there wasn’t enough cable for the rear camera, I didn’t have that issue at all. My guess is that they didn’t follow the recommended installation for the rear camera (I actually had excess and drive a 2022 Mazda CX-5).I highly recommend the Vantrue N4!
This is the second Vantrue N4 that I purchased. The first one was decent, and worked fine while hard-wired to the ignition. The second one has had issues ever since it was installed with hard-wire to an always on fuse since I wanted to use the parking mode feature. Both cameras were professionally installed at my local Best Buy. Parking mode simply doesn’t work right. Like others have said, in parking mode it only records about 10 seconds and then shuts off. Jumping in the car, starting it up, and then driving off doesn’t wake the camera up for some reason and it doesn’t start recording unless you power cycle it by turning it off and then back on manually. The g-sensor is garbage, you have to literally bang on the camera with yours hand to get it to wake up and start recording. Also, while driving, it will periodically turn itself completely off…no recording or anything.Now, about customer support. They are practically worthless. You will spend many days going back and forth with emails answering the same questions every time with someone who barely even speaks English. You basically have to prove to them there is something wrong and then keep proving it to them by sending videos and descriptions of what’s happening. After a couple of weeks if you kept that up and got lucky, they will finally tell you to return the camera and everything else that can in the box…meaning you have to completely have everything uninstalled via another trip to your local Best Buy or wherever if you had it professionally installed and pay for that again out of your own pocket. No partial returns of just the defective camera.100% customer satisfaction is a complete lie. If you ever have issues with the camera, plan on having a miserable time of getting help or warranty service through Vantrue.
Amazon Customer
When I reviewed the recorded sessions I am amazed of the clarity of the pictures..
Dash cam in my truck. Front and rear cam’s. Like the parking feature.
Richard Denver
I was a hit and run victim. I bought a different model. It did not continuously record as the car was running. It required you to start the camera. USELESS. My bad.This camera runs and records continuously while the car is on. It also has an option to record while the car is off, using a battery.The peace and mind I have as I drive is absolutely worth the money.The hit and run driver? well he retuned to the scene and told the police I hit him and he drove off out of fear for his life. He was about 6'7" 300 pounds. Im 5'9" 180. UNBELIEVABLY they wrote me a ticket. He then sued me and my insurance company settled giving him $45000 dollars for injuries. And I had many court appointments and legal fees fighting this.The camera, get it and protect yourself!
Dawson Adams
This camera is literally the worst, every time I have went to pull footage off of it the footage is not there, my car was broken into tonight and it didn’t record the people in the car but it recorded me getting into the car, I am sick of this camera not working and I am just going to buy a new and better one. Also you can not send footage to your phone.
Randi J. Roten
Amazon and 3rd party sellers have this system so locked down it is near impossible to get help or resolution on an issue. I will never recommend or buy anything from vantrue.
Jhoanna Adviento
East to install and great quality
Og Scythe
Packaged well. Item as described except there’s some false advertising. This is marketed as a 4k camera. The hardware itself is a 5mp camera. The setting/software is there but the camera is incapable of filming at that resolution without a 8mp camera. Oh well. One of them after the fact revelations. I did do a firmware update that I uploaded on YouTube. Look for firmware update by Og Scythe.Like everyone said before, no wireless or remote connectivity.
We have this dash cam and rear camera installed in each of our vehicles and in 11 months of ownership they have been totally reliable. The camera is powered via the OBD hardwire charging cable for continuous power when desired such as parking in public places. We use 256 GB SD cards in the cameras that give a tremendous storage capacity for the videos on the highest resolution possible. As advertised, the camera is extremely heat resistance. One day in Moab, UT, the outside temperature was 108 degrees, so the heart from the sun shining directly on the camera must have been much more than the outside temperature. Even in this extreme environment the camera performed flawlessly.
This cam of top Notch costumer surveys Excellent
This is a great no nonsense daskcam. Great. Night vision , compact and inside camera. The mic sound quality is also very good. Extremely happy with this purchase.
Aesthetically _rxses
Ok peopleI am a professional truck driver and I like only the bestThis is absolutely the best dash camera I ever hadI had at least 7-8 different cameras before this one and all of them die so quickly but this is one of kindEasy to set upEasy to installThe quality is excellentIf you are looking for dash camera don’t look any farther this is THE ONE
Erick Rivera
Great dashcam. So far, so good. Great picture quality even in the dark.
Boca Gourmet
Quality dash camera, easy to install, records front, rear and inside cabin
I have spent a great deal of time looking at reviews and videos of the numerous dash cams available on the market. In general, several out there offer amazing quality videos at a diverse range of prices ($100-$500). In short, having any dashcam is way better than having NONE!Vantrue’s N4 3 channel cam is, in opinion, an amazing cam with very easy to use buttons and features. The video quality is incredibly clear, and although I was hesitant about getting the N4 that has the cabin cam (since I am not an uber/lyft driver), I think the interior is gradually becoming my favorite of the 3 cams!I already had a great dash cam (2 channel) which I was very pleased with, and to be honest the only reason I bought the N4 was because of its ability to rotate around its dash mount suction cup, so I can point the front cam toward the left window and the interior cabin toward the right window (or vice versa). Therefore, between both cams, I am effectively capturing every side in my car (front with my other cam), rear with both rear cams (old cam on the outside while N4 is on the inside) and the side windows with the N4. Now that I have both cams, I realized that the N4 does not freely rotate since there are wires on the inside of the dash suction cup mount. However, it can almost rotate 70-80 degrees so you can still point it sideways if you so desire. But once I used it (as intended – that is facing forward), I realized that the interior cam is simply fantastic! It not only captures crystal clear images of me driving the car, but it also truly captures all action visible from the side windows (without needing to rotate the cam!). It does this during driving as well as while parked!I would say the N4 offers the absolute best Parking Mode options!! It has G-sensor detection, motion senor, a combination of the two, and even low resolution continuous recording, as well as time lapse with two options 1 FPS and 5 FPS! I have not read about, seen, or experienced any other cam like that! You can actually connect it to an external power bank if you are worried about draining your battery – I did not experience any issues and since my cig lighter socket is hot – always on – I can use parking mode easily. But I truly want to hardwire it for a better look and for battery protection (since it has a unit that stops power if the battery level is too low).To summarize:This cam is amazing, and I highly recommend it.Pros: (features I love the best!)- Amazing video quality – (even smaller file sizes than others)- The microphone quality is honestly superior- The menu is so intuitive and very easy to navigate- The LCD is large enough to be comfortable to see (without obstructing your windshield much)- The Parking mode is the best of any cam I have read about or seen reviews of - Parking mode (when G sensor is on) will turn on the cam, even if it were off, to record 5 min if an impact is detected. This is fantastic. If you are worried about battery drainage, just turn it off, and it will only turn on if there is a rattle, shake and/or impact! But motion in this case will not turn it on (unless after it had turn on due to impact).- the motion detection is a real blessing. Both front and interior cams are sensitive to motion (but not the rear cam – and that’s ok since the interior cam captures motions of people walking behind your car – at which point all 3 cams record!)- It is seamless to switch between Parking mode and Normal driving. Actually you do not need to do anything! It is that smart! If action is minimal within 5 min, it will switch to P mode, if there is vibration and/or driving, it will switch to Normal mode. You can also push the OK button for that or long hold the leftmost button and it will switch to P mode (but you must be stopped).- The videos can actually be scrolled through easily on the LCD screen- The file name is the best feature in my opinion: besides having the labels of A, B, and C (Front, interior, rear cam, respectively), they added a P for when recording is during parking mode, and an N when driving normally. This I found to be the most helpful when reviewing the videos. Not all other cams do this.- There are so many great settings including exposures for the cam and sensitivity levels- so easy to remove the cam (and just unplug one cable – for the rear cam) since the power cable plugs into the dash mount- the manual is thorough and well writtenCons (things I wish were a bit different)- If you are wearing polarized sunglasses, you cannot see the screen at all. That’s not the case with my other dash cam. The angle of the LCD design is off 90 degrees. With this cam if I tilt my head 90 degrees I could see the screen whereas with my other cam if I tilt my head I cannot see the screen (but I can see it normally when my head is straight – the way it is supposed to be). The design of the LCD needs to be rotated 90 degrees.-I wish it had an option of a lower resolution with 60 FPS (like their N2 Pro)-The mount is NOT GPS – but they have one available – but there is no package to buy it with N4- I wish the hardwire kit was included (I do not care about including the microSD since those are easily available on amazon, but not so much that hardwire kit)- I wish there was a way to select a view without the two little mini views (i.e. one with three cams showing, then an option to cycle through each cam alone, and then an option to manually turn off the screen – it has 30 sec, 1 min, 3 min screen savers (off), and auto, but it would have been nice to have the manual option to shut off the screen and show single cam views. (my other cam does that).Other considerations that some may not like (but did not affect me):- It has No WIFI or ability to connect to your phone. I thought this would be an issue, but when I tried this features on my other cam, it was slow and my least favorite – and honestly the best was to view footage is on your computer. If you must view it on the cam, make sure you lock it and then go to events and it will be easy to find (it will have the letter E on it).- If you are parked and it is very hot/sunny outside, and there are lots of activity around your car (e.g. people walking, cars driving by), your cam may be recording nearly non-stop and will therefore get too hot and automatically shut off. I believe this is by design to protect both the cam from heat damage as well as your battery from draining. So Ideally If you are parked for too long (more than 2 hours) in the sun, consider hiding the cam in your glovebox and/or unplugging it. I tried to leave it on in my garage, and since it was not recording all the time, and it stayed on motion detection in the morning (so it stayed on).- It is hard for me to make the rear cam useful since it is supposed to be on the inside, but my car has a convertible soft top, and so if I place it on the rear seats, it will only capture the clouds (and not the electronic clouds – just the traditional ones in the sky).
Ronnie B. Estrella
Andrew M Coulston
Camera was easy to install and setup. The problem is, it didn't turn off or stop recording when I turned off the car. And it didn't turn on when I turned on the car. That's a very basic function (that it's supposed to have) that's not working. If I have to manually turn it on and off every time I get in and out of the car, it's just not worth it.
I was looking for a camera with a parking mode feature in response to a recent raft of thefts of catalytic converters and air bags. I ordered and compared three models: VanTrue N1, VanTrue N4, and Garmin Mini2. The N4 is overkill for my purpose--I don't need cameras inside the car or looking behind--though the N4 offers a higher resolution if I was to use only the front facing camera. The N1 won out--it's the least expensive and, in my overnight tests, actually turned on faster than the N4 when there was visible motion, such as a person or auto, came into view. The N1 also has a battery, though I haven't figured out how long it will work. One issue with both VanTrue models: the font in the diagram in the User Manual is so small as to require a magnifying glass! The Garmin detects movement in the vehicle but doesn't detect visible motion. At 1080, resolution isn't that good, and I'm interested in a higher resolution camera in the future.
The cameras work well, and the system seems straightforward in how to operate it.
Christian Smith
It is a great product except if you need to view the footage and especially save/share it, it is a royal pain. Needs connectivity with smart phones. I would not have bought it if I knew how difficult it was.
henri bayo
I purchased this dashcam about a year ago, and I just got around to installing it. I purchased the hardwire kit too, but I did not use it yet. The daytime videos are crisp and the nighttime videos are quite clear too. Installation was quite easy. I just glanced at the manual briefly to set it up. I have watched some of the recorded videos and I am quite pleased with them.
Gilbert L. Standen
I installed this afternoon. It took me about 90 minute. They include a plastic pry tool for hiding the wires which is very handy. The rear camera is perfect for a "vertical" truck rear window. I am using the cigarette lighter attachment to power everything. I turned on "collision + motion sensor" modes with "high" sensitivity. So far this mode seems excellent. My lighter socket has power even when the vehicle is parked. If I turn off the camera on arrival, then in this motion sensor mode, the camera comes back on If it detects motion, but goes off in less than a minute if further motion is not detected. Notable, the flashing "blue" light goes off too if there is no further motion detected. If both the screen is off AND the blue light is not flashing, it means the dashcam is not recording. This is good because it means it's not drawing any power. In that state, the only power being drawn is the LED light on the cigarette lighter piece itself. I'm cautiously optimistic the camera can be left in this mode indefinitely without draining down the battery. This means that I should not have to touch the camera at all ever (except to review footage or reformat SD card). Because in this mode it starts recording if the vehicle is moving but goes back to sleep if parked and no motion is detected. So when it's parked in my garage the camera will be sleeping but will wake up if it detects motion. So far, very happy with this dashcam!
J. Bunny
With the scammers and CRAZY drivers out there, this is a MUST to protect you and your passengers from reckless and scammer drivers who create accidents. This also, in some cases, helps with reducing insurance costs. I informed my insurance company and was given a discount for installing.I also LOVE to upload the stupid things people do on the road
The camera system is amazing, bought two.However in hot countries this falls apart on stock cup. Placed 3M double sided heavy duty sticker and it worked wonders!The unboxing experience is on another level!Also, but the hot wire kit ;)
Adam Nour
Excellent device that adds peace to your mind….
Got N4 as a gift. Worked for 1 day then display stopped working. Contacted the customer service. After following their requests to update firmware, taking videos, they finally agreed to replace the camera (4 days later). However I will have to cover the return cost myself.Other than the customer service, the picture quality was pretty good during the day the camera was working. Everything was clear. I’m sure the camera would be great when it’s working.For a dash cam at this price rage to work for only 1 day, it is indeed disappointing. The experience with the customer service definitely made it worse.
In less than 30 days I have documented one panel truck driving erratically and almost hitting me and another SUV driving right down the center of the road straight at me instead of waiting on a trash truck to move. Thank goodness no accidents but panel truck pulled over by Ohio SHP and reported to ODOT. SUV was not pursued to contact police for their crazy driving. This will definitely protect me in the event someone actually does cause an accident!!!
Outer Islands
Happy with the Vantrue n4. Installation went very smoothly. Took me about an hour to do a hardwire setup for all cameras. My first trip on the road captured a distracted driver that almost ran me off the road and reviewing the video afterwards, it was very clear and the dashcam player Vantrue provides for windows and Mac works very well to see all 3 cameras simultaneously.
There’s a lot of errors on this for what I spent I expect more I have the eachpai that cost way less then this that the quality is almost identical the only difference it does not come with a back camera If I was gonna know that it has errors in recording starting way late I have to tap it after I start my car for it to power I would of not got it save your money Do Not Over Pay they make it seem like you can zoom in on a license plate and read it very well that’s a lie it only depends if there was perfect lighting at that second other than that no I do installations I might take it down and send it back for a full refund I’m not happy with this product not for what I paid and it falls with that lil suction cup thing yes cleaned the window very well yes I did install it were the windows were not hot it was perfect temperature I knew it was gonna fall
This camera has less options then the N2. The N2 has WIFI and I assumed that the N4 has it as well. I would not have bought this thing had I known I could not pull videos off easily. Vantrue.. You need to go back to the drawing board on this one. Not good at all. Do not buy.....
Mike Stauffenberg
Price is ridiculously high for what you get. There are other options out there that give you the same features and have WiFi Connectability to allow you to download videos to your phone. I’ve still not been able to figure out why sometimes it just stops recording. The camera will be on but it doesn’t record. Unless you see the blinking red light it’s not recording. I witnessed an accident and offered my dashcam video to the police for evidence. I quickly found out it was not recording at the time of the accident and looked like a fool. I would not waste your money especially when you can get another brand cheaper.
Might as well throw your money away. We bought it for Christmas for son’s car, we had it installed by an electrician, son said it worked well the first week but then it just stopped. Wish we can return it!
Cristian Eduardo Reyes
Feel like a narc/cop 10/10.Respect level + 100 by drivers.Would buy again if camera were to die out after several years.