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Vantrue 256GB SD Card Fast Transfer Speed Memory Card

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Kelly white
file save, file retrieve, no problems
Ruben Diaz Rubio
Working well for first 6months. Have to reset many time.
Originally bought a Samsung SD card for my vantrue dash/read cam. It was the proper rating and quality card, and the manual even recommended it. However after a month it suddenly was showing errors "SD card slow" and it was crazy annoying even tho it seemed to be recording just fine. So ordered this WAY OVERPRICED SD card from Vantrue and haven't had the error yet. Very annoyed with what is clearly a law in the camera to favor their overpriced cards.
Ruth Horne
I got this for my husband vehicle camera. It wouldn't format and and instead of 256 gigabits, it only showed 8 gigabits. He took it to our local computer shop and they said it was bad. I bought it in conjunction with his Christmas gift so it has been over the 30 days return. Don't buy this card!
Wes Pruitt
Lot of storage for a little card very well worth it.
Jimmy Devine
Willie Graham
This SD card seems to be required to make a recording of events
Juan M
I just put it in to my dash cam and does not work at all. The dash cam message says: there is no SD card. So, I tried with another SD card and the dash cam works perfectly.I tried to return the product but the return time window expired.
J. D. D.
This disk was very easy to transfer the information from my camera to my computer. I would buy again if I needed one
Worked well and holds a lot of dash cam video
When I bought the dash cam, I purchased it together, but after trial, I felt that the dash cam did not meet my expectations, so I returned it together. At that time, it was packaged in a box. I don't know why the dash cam returned successfully, but the memory card shows that I didn't mail it? I'm sure I mailed it together
Very easy ti install. The suction cup windshield mount really holds, no slipping. I can remove the card, then slip into my computer and get fantastic images. Have camera front and back or I can turn the back one off and use the front. Always turns on when I turn the truck on. The loop can run continually or I can set it at three or four minutes which makes for easy editing with no interruptions when camera is on.
Corey Simmons
While it worked it worked good. Lasted one month then stated it needed to be formated again which is no big deal except that it will no longer format as all devices say error unreadable or card not found.
James Southward
Despite the latest firmware having already been released, this product was not updated. Custom support has NOT responded to several requests for detailed directions on how to update the firmware. The firmware files are easily down loadable from the Venture web site, but don't include any directions.
Amazon Customer
Gary L. Barber
Simon Wilshire
One look into the different technologies of Micro SD cards and you can be left scratching your head and emptying your wallet. Cheaper is most certainly not better, there is a lot more to all this.So the most straightforward answer for the Vantrue N4 Dashcam was to simply buy the Micro SD they have tested themselves.And frankly, I'm happy with the results because Dashcom Micro SD cards work harder than just about any other form of recording.Great product and not too bad a price either
I bought this SD card. It breaks downs and does not store my vidoes. I have to format every time it stops in working.
Gunny Mac
this goes with the vantrue car camera
Works well with my Vantrue Dashcam
Gifson quang t Do
Amazon Customer
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Buu Truong
Holly cow, this memory SD card sucks!! I bought the Vantrue N4 and this SD card was bought as I thought since they are both from the same company. They are going to work well together with no compatibility issues. But I have to keep on reformatting this card at least 3 times a week due to the error that I have included in the picture. Stick with Sandisk or Samsung! Their dash cam is nice though.
Purchased this product with a Vantrue Dashcam and it works flawlessly.
You would think they would sell a rugged SD card for their dash cams. But no, these are cheap, unreliable garbage. I don't think ever in my life I've had a memory card fail until this Vantrue card. Constant errors that require reformat. Junk, junk, junk. Buy something else!
george w nash
One stopped working after 6 months. The other snapped in half when I was taking it out of the camera.
Amazon Customer
Product came defective... had to buy another
Robin Robinson
I bought the vantrue n2pro about a year ago and it melted in the first oregon summer heat (which is not hot) so bought the upgrade N2S with the heat protection shell & this sd card (regular san disk cards make Dashcam glych crazy bad) this works great and caught a thief red handed in crisp clean 4k Ultra high definition in every angle and night vision as he stole my neighbors tire right off her car!!! Cops knew the suspect but without proof could not do anything...... Until the next day when i handed the officers this SD card, THEY RETRIEVED THE TIRE, PUT IT BACK ON HER CAR & THANKS TO MY HARDWIRED CAM RUNNING 24/7 THE ARRESTED THE THIEF WITHIN 48HRS OR LESS!!! THAT'S WHY I GOT IT!!
gary osborne
It does what SD cards do. Came on time and works.
Johnny Bravo
I use this for my 4k dash cam. I can record for about 4 days without running out of room. Great size too.
Mathias farnsworth
Luis Calva
Works well as intended with my N4 Vantrue Dash cam. Great storage capacity and surprisingly good packaging too! Haha
michael fadahunsi
It's affordable. Easy to install. It works great.
faisal a alruqi
Go with their sd cards that are compatible with their dashcams. Save the headache by going with what they recommend over different micro sd card. I got this for my N2S and the packaging is neat and it came quickly. Definitely recommend getting the bigger sizes.
Jorge c
Product is not right, and it way overpriced for a defective product.
Sheila Knows
My daughter had serious problems with her initial card and replaced it with the Van True 256GB card. Works flawlessly. Also, props to Van True customer service. When questioned about the problem, Van True customer service was quick to respond and very accurate with the information.
Andrew J.
Daniel Smullen
I didn't want to pay nearly 3x the price for a 256GB SDXC card that was branded by the manufacturer of my dashcam (it's a BlackVue 900x) so I bought this instead, because the reviews suggested it would work just fine. I can confirm it does -- I've been using it for several months without any issues. I simply replaced the original card with this one, and that was it. For the price, the size is great, and it gives me about 2 weeks of footage at maximum quality before rolling over. Glad I bought it!
cleveland johnson
Bob Jacoby ( 1923bob )
Buy a Sandisk. This is an overpriced ripoff
Jean kelly laguerre
Works well with my vantrue dash cam. No issues so far
Mrs. Manvinder
I liked space it offers. With 3 camera recording I can easily let recording continue for a week easily
Dr. Carol Davenport
I have to return this item. It would not allow me to format it so I could use it. I will request a replacement.
Cherich barber
To flimsy I wasn't able to use it broke.
Thomas E. Hughes
Dash cam companion piece. If It fails in under two years I will feel cheated. So far so good.
It's not special just more expensive
Jose Costa
Worked just as advertised no issues to report did the format on card and was good to go. Kept SD card in the same family as the camera to avoid card issues having said that worked very well so far.
Card cannot be formatted, or used, in a Vantrue camera, nor can it be recognized by 3 different computers. Installed a different card, formatted it, and the camera works as it should. Tried this card again and received the same error message. This is a junk card.
Amazon Customer
April 2022. Updating my review. In October 2021 I gave this 2 stars (see below). Cathy in Vantrue customer service took care of my problems and replaced the entire dash cam unit. That resolved all my issues. Since January 2022 it has been working flawlessly - thus the 5 star rating now. The problems I was experiencing apparently were with the dash cam and not the SD card. Just a note - I have not been paid to give a good review. When the time comes to replace components, I will purchase from Vantrue again. And I hope Cathy will still be there if I need her.October 2021. Purchased with my Vantrue dash cam in September 2019. Because of the pandemic, I ended up not driving much and by extension didn't have much demand for the dash cam. Recently needed to pull a video of an accident I witnessed and the video would not come up. All I got was an error message to reformat the disk. Worked on it for a couple hours and I could not successfully reformat the disk. 256 GB for $50. Useful size at expensive price. But unreliable. I'd hate to count on it to back me up in an accident or prove my innocence in a traffic stop. Maybe the disk is damaged; excessive heat can do that. But no warning. Plus, I found the manual says to reformat the disk every two weeks. That's ridiculous and unrealistic. None of my other devices require that. I may not invest in another micro disk and just use this as a lesson not to be repeated. I feel I'm being generous giving the product 2 stars.
Milton Benson
Plenty of storage space for video,
Purchased this along with my vantrueN4 dash cam and never worked it also got EXTREMELY HOT very dangerous read the reviews , returned and bought a San disk high endurance card which worked flawlessly
Brian Tims
Works perfectly with the Vantrue N4
Austin Toole
SD card does not format with dash cam made by same manufacturer. Instead gets extremely hot to the point of potentially causing burns or starting a fire. Product is hazardous, will report to the authorities that it should be investigated considering others who have reviewed this product have reported suffering burns as result of using this.
Already formatted, put in my Vantrue dash cam, and it works great.
Wasn’t useful bc it didn’t save footage from crash.
This product is useless motion sensor for parking and record feature is trash 5 thumbs down
Amazon Customer
Karsten Smith
Purchased this for my TrueVan N4 Dashcam. Plugged it in and it worked with no problems.
Ramon Alexander gutierrez
Couldn't format on dashcam or PC..
It fit but it does come with a full size disk also. They should sale them separately then the price would be more responsible. Maybe they do and I just missed it
I'm not a techy, but seems to be doing great. I was concerned because being in the sun the car heats up , I was concerned of distortion in video , but no issues as of yet .
It works perfectly for my Vantrue N4 it's just a little bit pricey compared to other options. Just scared to try anything else as it says it doesn't really work with others. Overall great card though!
Gregory Davis
Amazon Customer
Stopped working shortly after return window closed. Total of money.
Your standard memory card.
easy to use menu, can also be connected with an obd cable ,accepts large memory card, very satisfied overall.
Packaging sucked to get into, but it works very well.
Donald Cott
I lost my money on that SD Card, as soon as i plug it in my computer to Format, it started to say it cannot be formatted and was getting very hot. I tried 4 times, none of them was succesful. So i used one of my 256GB SdCard from My GoPro, it worked like a charm, i did updated both of my N4 On Dash Cameras, do some testing and the card was cool to the touch. After that i plugged the New Vantrue Card to the computer and it turned HOT again and does not allow to do anything with it.PIECE OF JUNK !!!!!!!!
Mikey D
The card is frozen on a "clam" cardboard card so it is totally sealed in plastic with no air space between the card and layers of hard plastic. This probably prevents the card from damage in a moon shot, but it makes it almost impossible to get out of the package. While Vantrue warns you against using other brands, I think you'd be better off getting a card in your Happy Meal than buying this. It will be easier to wash off the ketchup than unpack this card.
Matthew C Smith
This product will not format in the device or on a computer. So it's useless. I'm returning for a full refund. It literally lessens the operation of the dash cam (which is actually a good product on it's own) because you can't save any information from the dash cams for further reference....very disappointed especially after the cost of the system, hard wire cables, GBS mount, SD card and Professional installation I'm into this whole system for about 300 and product the SD card is preventing me for using the products the way there are supposed to.
Bouncin' Brandon
Absolutely ridiculous, I bought this specifically for my Vantrue Dash Cam and it wasn't compatible, absolutely insane.
Joe P.
Works very well for dashcams. You have to have the correct king of memory for dashcams or security cameras due to the constant writing and overwriting otherwise you will damage the memory card because it can't sustain the constant use.
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over priced but it seems a necessary evil
Kevin M. Vidal
This is recommend and best for use with Vantrue Cams.Support told me that there are reported issues with other manufacturer's SD cards.They also recommed formatting the SD card monthly. Kevy
Was just trying to put the card back in my N4 dash cam, and the card shot out because of the spring tension and it wasnt seating all the way.Couldnt find it on the ground or in my jeep, so that was a waste of 50 bucks.think I will try the cheaper scan disk
Amazon Customer
You can get crystal clear high definition video and picture
Tyrone Lopez
Works perfect for your dashcam
Brian Gibson
Quite expensive. But not one issue with the product. Even though it's expensive I highly recommend due to the high heat from the sun where the dash cam is mounted. Made to handle high temps. Sandisk although cheaper isn't made for the high temps unless they have a high temp card. VA true is my dash cam so it's wise to go with cooperating products.
I used it for my dash cam and it does a great job.
Amazon Customer