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Vantrue S2 2CH 2 Channel WiFi Dash Cam

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W. Clements
S2 is a 3 channel camera that will capture your activity on the route. Inside the box you will get front camera with a front and rear lens and rear/back up single lens camera. What I love about this unit is that it comes with 3M double sided tape so you can attach the front camera to the windshield and back up camera to the rear glass. You will get two additional tapes for each camera unit. Awesome !
I'm happy with the results of upgrading to the Vantrue S2
Vantrue Customer
After several months of use, including cross country miles, the Vantrue has performed flawlessly. As previously noted, a bluetooth connection for updating the programming would be beneficial instead of removing the SD card for updating. The parking modesoperate as intended, and easily changed from movement detection to collision. I haven't used the low bit-rate mode yet, which constantly records. The camera is powered via the OBD port using a splitter cable to power other devices.
A dash cam is something that I hope I never need the recordings, but this particular dashcam gives me extra features I use everyday with the USB port and the backup camera function.
Crystal clear replay front camera, crystal clear cabin replay video and crystal clear rear mount camera. Audio is loud and clear, setting features are very user friendly and lastly., it really looks good and compliments my auto interior. Highly recommended.
The image quality was very crisp and clear. The menus on this unit are easy to use and follow. I would recommend this dash camera to anyone in the market for a dash camera.
This camera not support for loop recording, after memory card is full the camera automatically turn off
Guardian 6
Surprising quality. Videos are crystal clear and easy to access with the app. No more removing the SD card or dragging your laptop out to the car. The rear camera with the 3 channel model is small and was very easy to install. Box includes a nice little pry tool to help you hide the wire.
. I'd recommend this camera if you are looking for a unit with front, rear and cabin cameras.
Undoubtedly, it is a high quality product
Bryan G
I bought this new S2 model to upgrade an N4 I bought a few months ago and needed to install it in another car. Very nice WIFI and phone connectivity, as well as the new features available. The way it attaches to the windshield is not the best, it is rustic and you can not move the camera once you stick it, the screen is at a very steep downward angle. The electrostatic film does not adhere to the glass, even if you clean it well, in less than 20 minutes the camera was hanging like a handle in the bush. Another factor against despite being a newer model is not recording at 4K, also not being able to select the front and rear camera without the need for the interior, since sometimes it is not interested in recording what happens in the cockpit of the car. I really chose this one just for the benefit of the WIFI and GPS. If the N4 had these features I would not hesitate to buy it, and it is a better camera than the S2.
I had difficulty connecting to the app initially until I turned off the connection to Android Auto. I’m not sure if that’s what was causing the trouble, but it seems as if that fixed it. Once I made that disconnect, it connected right away and I could view all the videos!
cesar baldomero jr
I really like this dash cam. The GPS feature is added insurance in case of an accident and the Wi-Fi feature will allow me download footage to my phone right away. I like the ease of navigating the menu on the touch screen and the fact that it has three cameras that have high quality video.
Mathew Allen
The G-Sensor does not work, it used to NOT work on their N2 Model, and it does not work on this S2 Model as well. I do not's know why
Tony Roberson
the camera keeps setting itself up to -12:00GMT. No mater what I do, the Time zone goes back to -12:00GMT. I eventually decided not to use the GPS Automatic timing, and manually set the time on it.
C. Wilson
The App is great, but the Live View Lags a lot and I mean it, a lot. Like, you can use the app to view stored footage, but for Live view, it lags, freezes, etc. However, this feature probably can be updated in future app updates. I hope it is resolved though.
Jeff StJohn
It uses adhesive which is good. But, I think in the long run, it might come off. What if I sell the car, and want to use the camera in my other car. Then I will have to buy another adhesive sticker thing.
Jose Andrade
I will not drive anywhere without Vanture s2 connected to my car. It just feels safer on the roads and most of all you have an insurance when you needed.
King Critic
The exposure settings for the cameras are very helpful, especially for the rear facing 3rd channel camera. With dark limousine tint, the +2.0 exposure works to capture a very clear image.