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Customer Review
W. Clements
Parking mode drains batteryReviewed in the United States on February 28, 2022
I bought this one to upgrade my camera since I got a new work van. Brand new van, only 16 miles on it. Never had any problems with battery until the camera was installed with the hardwire kit on constant power. To be clear here, it does not kill my battery. The van will put itself into deep sleep mode when the battery reaches a specific threshold, at which point the remote features through the Ford app (remote start and lock/unlock) are disabled. When I pull the USB cable from the camera at the end of my day, the van does not have any problems. I have it scheduled to start M-F at 6am so its ready to go when I walk out the door.Aside from getting a new battery with larger reserve, or simply wiring the camera into a switched power instead (which defeats the purpose of parking mode), it will continue to annoy me I am sure.Camera is great, but parking mode will eventually drain your battery...and newer vehicles with remote features will be likely put to sleep when it sits overnight.