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Customer Review
Jon M.
Works great!Reviewed in the United States on April 30, 2022
I had an older dash cam from Vanture in the past and decided it was time to upgrade.Although my previous camera worked great and still does, this newer model is a huge improvement. The video quality is excellent, it was super easy to set up, and I really appreciate having the rear camera as well. The video is crystal clear and it covers the range that a driver would want it cover. The suction of the mount is also excellent.I feel so much safer having both the front and rear camera so that if anything were to happen I know the facts would be recorded. I tested the wifi option and it worked great, but I do not typically use it as I am using Android Auto most of the time and not looking at my phone.I would highly recommend this camera for anyone that wants the piece of mind having a dash cam provides. As for my older model, I have given that one to my daughter and now I can feel better knowing that is covered in the event of any accidents as well.