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william yang
Vantrue X4S Dash-Cam ReviewReviewed in the United States on April 28, 2022
This dash-cam is an upgrade from their previous models. They even include stickers that you can put on your car to deter people who plan to commit insurance fraud.Build Quality: Very good. The wires that they come with are also very beefy which is nice. Thin wires might snag and rip or even get damaged over time. The connectors are also very secure which is nice. Otherwise the dash-cam might get turn off while you’re driving. The 3 inch LCD screen is also very useful for programming and reviewing footage. But honestly I would rather use their app or a computer to review the footage. They also include a usb outlet built into the ac 120 volt charger.Video Quality: I didn’t get to test all the video modes cause I didn’t feel the need to but the 4k (30fps), 2k (60 fps), and 1080p (120 fps) all worked very well. For the most part I opted to stick with the 2k setting so that I still had a pretty good frame rate for when I’m reviewing the footage. The higher the frame rate the more details are captured when reviewing the footage which might be more important than 4k sometimes. Either way you have 3 options to run with for the front camera. For the rear your stuck with a 1080p (30 fps) camera but honestly that is more than enough for day to day driving. It’s not like anyone is using their dash-cam to shoot a movie. For the recording you have the option of 1,2 or 3 minutes loop recording. If you want to quickly download the footage I recommend the 1 minute setting especially if you’re recording in 4k since the files are a lot bigger. Also as you can see from my video it works well even on cloudy/rainy days.App: The app works very well for me at least. The only complaint that I have is that for the live video it’s very choppy and a bit blurry. But when reviewing the footages the videos are very clear. You also have the option to sync the videos onto your phone which I really appreciate. It’s save you the time from having to plug the camera into a laptop or your phone to show an officer or your insurance company.Install: The wires were very long and made it easy for me to install it in my 4Runner so it should be fine for all cars and SUV. Just remember that if you plan to hardwire the camera it’s better to connect it to something that turns on when the car is on otherwise it may drain your car battery. They will always say it they have a voltage cut off but I personally wouldn’t trust it. Other than that install was pretty easy as long as you know how to tuck the wiring under the headliner and have the knowledge to remove the a pillar of your car. But be careful of how you do the wiring around the a pillar, you don’t want to wrap the wire around the air bags because it may prevent it from deploying correctly. But beside all that every thing was pretty straight forward.