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Husband, Dad, and Nerd
Good features, 3 way video, BAD image qualityReviewed in the United States on July 31, 2022
Photos attached in order, all 1:1 pixels but cropped: 1. 4k shot mid-day, seriously it is like the camera needs glasses, so noisy can't make out license plates and barely the road sign. 2. Morning (golden hour) lighting, should be perfect, but the colors are all so sepia to the point you can't see the Red lights, and that is neon yellow on the biker. 3. Rear camera at sunset, still good visibility without headlights, but video is an inky mess.Pros:- 3 views (you WANT to set it to 1440p+1080+1080, see cons)- Audio recording has good noise cancelling- Nice design, easy to use, and plenty of options to tweak- Optional GPS tagging- Not TOO bigCons:- "4k" video noisy, useless mess, so no loss setting it to 1440p- WDR isn't very wide- Bad at night, either sensor sensitivity or poor max aperture- Default exposure is way dark (recommend +1 stop on the exposure setting, helps a bit)- Worst color depth/white balance I've seen in a modern device- Should come with an adhesive attachment at this priceReview:As a quick background, I've spent most of my professional life working with digital video, so I do have reasonable expectations of a video device. No, I don't expect this to be Hollywood quality, hell I'd be happy if the video was up to the quality of an 5 year old cell phone, or equal to my Nest security cameras. If it could at least beat the cheap $30 1080p dashcam it replaced I'd be content, but no the video this captures is really REALLY bad.Camera has bandwidth issues with 3 streams, I mostly blame the available flash technology, so choice for 3 video streams is 4k+720+720 or 1440p+1080+1080. The 4k video is a joke, there is zero reason to go above 1440p, I would almost venture to say the 1440p video looks better, as I think it has more processing done to it by the camera. And 720p on the rear camera is the worst, so don't use that setting.The video is useable enough for potential insurance reasons, and having 3 simultaneous feeds plus GPS tagging of location and speed is great. The audio recording is across all 3 streams, which is coinvent, and it does a good job at capturing voices over both road noise and music. For those reasons I'll keep it (that and the work it took to get the rear camera and hardwire installation done in my SUV were significant).