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Customer Review
Excellent package for the price!Reviewed in the United States on April 2, 2022
First, a big thank-you to previous purchasers and their thorough reviews. They were a large reason why I purchased this unit over others. I didn't want a cheapie unit but I didn't want to break the bank. I merely wanted something that would do a good job of recording should I ever be involved in a crash.What do I like? Image quality both day and night is great. I love that the GPS feature isn't an add-on but rather already built into the unit. The directions were pretty straight-forward and installation took me a bit less than an hour. Everything I needed was in the kit (thank you for including a trim tool!) and the cable lengths are more than adequate. The camera unit is also lightweight; rather than use the provided mount and 3M adhesive I used some 3M Dual-Lock (10# max) and that works just fine.There really isn't anything I dislike about this unit, though I will say the camera is not resolute enough to record license plates at any sort of distance. In some cases I've noticed during video playback the license plate appeared blurred like in Google Earth. It may be a result of my state's plates (Virginia) being white with blue lettering so I'm willing to give the benefit of a doubt. I also realize this isn't a thousand-dollar AXIS camera. My work-around for now is to call out any plate numbers and let the audio recording pick it up.I'm sure more expensive cameras would do a better job with finer details but for now this unit has done everything to expectation. If you're looking for a fairly-priced, middle of the road dashcam that offers great piece of mind and features for the price, I recommend this unit. I recommend it so much so that there will likely be one on my wife's car in the very near future.