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Customer Review
John Locke
Great Quality, Many Improvements On Previous DesignReviewed in the United States on July 27, 2022
I have liked the camera so far. I think they made several improvements on their previous model that I used, although some may not be preferred.TLDR; I like it a lot, I would change some things, but they are mostly personal preferences over general user needs.Pros:Camera and microphone quality are great.The initial startup of the camera is a lot more helpful.When you disconnect the camera from the mount, it saves before powering off, so you do not lose the last recorded video.Video clips made are now 5 minutes instead of 20 minutes, and saved to a different folder with a button press or voice command, which makes finding saved moments the intended way easier. With my last camera I would end recordings early to make them easier to distinguish.The buttons are easier to use when driving.It is easier to remove from the mount, since it is just a slide on with no latch mechanism. I wonder if this will hold in an accident, but I am not worried about losing the previous video from it losing power, so it is not a big deal.The phone app is convenient, and I like that the computer app is not needed for convenient video access with computer.Support on Facebook is still very helpful and will do their best to assist you with whatever the issue is.The manual is clearer on some things I asked support about previously, such as if 1 or 5 is the high for the G-Sensor.Cons:In order to get direct file access connecting to the computer, you need to use the USB-C cable that comes with the camera. I just happened to have 3 other cables for other devices, all of which were just black cables, so that was confusing for a bit. I would recommend adding some color to it somewhere to make it more identifiable.Event folder videos will overwrite each other if there is no open recording space. I can see why this is a thing, but also it is risky if you do not move videos off frequently. This is somewhat mitigated by the format reminder, which is new.The camera does not swivel at all. As a plus, you don't have to worry about the angle changing when hitting a button or a bump or another car, but also you cannot change it if something is happening just off camera.It is easy to accidentally set the time wrong when you first set it up without realizing that it uses military time, ie 6PM = 18. It is an embarrassing mistake, but it took me a while to figure out why my dates and times were off.Both:They recommend using one of their SD cards. I used the one I already had with no issues, although I would like if there were an option to add it to the Amazon order, since I didn't realize about theirs until reading the manual.The manual is a bit long, but well written for the most part. The only big change I would make is adding the voice command list in the manual. It references the voice commands, but the list of commands may only be found in the camera menu itself. I figure this may be because the camera may update in the future, and the manual if saved would not update.It includes and adhesive piece for attaching the camera mount, which is good and I did not have it come loose at all. However, wherever you put it is where it will stay indefinitely, so decide well. There are two though, so you get a redo. I would have preferred if the mount were two pieces, so that you may have more than one mount location, but that would also be more expensive.The voice commands are a great addition, since it lets you control the camera with less risk of affecting your driving. Most worked for me and both the camera and remote microphones pick up well, however I could not get a couple voice commands to work ever. Not sure if it is an accent or enunciation thing, but I never got them to work.