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Customer Review
Clear pictureReviewed in the United States on July 27, 2022
The camera is an affordable option for a car dash camera that has wonderful hands free features and crystal clear video recording. One area that needs improvement is the app, which is not very user friendly. After connecting using WIFI successfully, it did not display the live preview as indicating in the manual. Set up function, snapshot album work very easily on the camera. From the Album I was able to successfully see all the recording files: normal, event, and photos. You can not display the files without downloading it in the app. The GPS is a very useful feature which i really like that it is included in the camera. Video is clear and the camera is an amazing wide angle. The ability to take a photo is useful.In summary, it is an efficient easy to use dash camera with very useful features but the app needs more work. The remote has two functions only. Turn on and off the audio and lock the video, It is very limited. But one of the very good features is the remote pairs with the camera automatically. The voice command feature is very helpful. It would be nice if another command was added : "video stop". It has the command "video start" needs the stop too.